Our maple syrup is made on our small family farm. We practice organic stewardship of our sugarbush, and take care of our environment by using renewable energy sources - wood heat and solar electricity. Our containers are glass mason jars so that they may be reused or recycled.

Our syrup is absolutely pure - no chemical agents or preservatives. Just pure maple sap boiled down over a wood fire to make the freshest tasting maple syrup, then canned in glass to protect that fresh flavor.

The maple fudge we make has received rave reviews from the NY Times food editor, Marian Burros - The Gift is in the Mail, Savory and Sweet and A Delivery of Holiday Bests. Its only ingredients are pure Vermont maple syrup, fresh Vermont cream, butter, and walnuts.

Our family hopes you will enjoy serving the full, rich taste of pure Vermont maple to yourself and your family and friends!

-Trish Norton

Art Krueger and Trish Norton