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Since 1989 we have made maple products on our small family farm in the Green Mountains of Vermont.  With sadness we share the news that Art Krueger, beloved husband and father, passed away last summer.  With his passing, we are changing our farm operations to adjust to his absence.  We are no longer accepting orders for maple syrup.


Our family will continue to tap our maple trees but we will be selling the sap to a neighboring sugarmaker instead of boiling it down to syrup ourselves.  Therefore we will no longer have syrup to sell, but will still be honoring Art’s years of work establishing a healthy sugarbush.


We are planning to continue making our maple walnut fudge seasonally (Nov-Jan), using Vermont maple syrup.  This autumn we will mail brochures to those of you who have purchased it in recent years and make it available to anyone who would like to mail or call in an order from this website.  The maple fudge we make has received rave reviews from the NY Times food editor, Marian Burros - The Gift is in the Mail, Savory and Sweet and A Delivery of Holiday Bests. Its only ingredients are pure Vermont maple syrup, fresh Vermont cream, butter, and walnuts.


We want to thank all of you who have ordered our maple syrup over the years and hope you will continue to seek out real Vermont maple syrup for yourself and your family and friends!


-Trish Norton

Art Krueger and Trish Norton
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